Past Members of Telstars

Some theatre companies don't put information on their website about who they really are. Well, we're not like that! Here are just some of our past members that have since left Telstars but are certainy not forgotten!
  • Frank Heaton
  • Margaret Hay
  • Jim Halsey
  • Darren Fitzgerald
  • Liam O'Sullivan
  • Paul Chandler
  • David Berwyn
  • Gareth Gibbs
  • Roberto D'Amico
  • Jim Rudman
  • David Davies
  • Pat Grant
  • Tony Philips
  • Eric Barnes
  • Bill Shelly
  • Margaret White
  • Michael Jones
  • Sarah Batty
  • Stephen Katchi
  • Stanley Evelyn
  • Elizabeth Ireland
  • Rachel Dillon
  • Becky Flisher
  • James Hitchen-Hales
  • Phil Coles

(This section is currently under construction and more names are being added, as we want to acknowledge everyone who has been involved with Telstars over the years)