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The Allotment & You See it All on the Radio

The Allotment, A Play by Gillian Plowman

Four women are serving community punishment orders and are growing the vegetables for soup kitchens on an allotment. Marcie is convicted of dangerous driving; Norah, a serial shoplifter; Belle has blackmailed her boss and Lorna, an actress, is convicted of criminal damage.

It is the first morning for Daisy, the new probation officer, and the tables are cleverly turned when a traumatic event in her past puts her on a par with the others.

You See it All On The Radio, A Comedy by Jilly McNeil

A small radio station is ambitiously transmitting a live performance of a period drama. The presentation crumbles as the actors struggle with their own relationships, To make matters worse, the sound effects go awry and transmission difficulties arise.