One-Act Festival Success!

The 24th of April 2010 was a very special night for Telstars Theatre Company for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it was the first year that Telstars had donated an award for the festival in honour of former member David Davies who sadly and unexpectedly passed away. This new award was for the 'best adult group' and would have been very special if Telstars was the first group to have won it....

Fortunately - WE DID WIN IT!

In fact, not only did we win this very emotional and special award, but our very own Teri McCarthy also won the 'Best Director' award for the same play!

Also, big congratulations to Emily-Rose Matthews who scooped the 'Best Individual Performance' award for her role as Irene in 'Interior Designs'. This was not only Emily's first acting role with Telstars but also her first ever role on stage! Needles to say this is an awesome achievement - well done Emily!


BEST ADULT GROUP - Telstars Theatre Company ('Ritual for Dolls')

BEST DIRECTOR - Teri McCarthy ('Ritual for Dolls')

BEST INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE - Emily-Rose Matthews ('Irene, Interior Designs')