New Play Underway

Telstars have began the year as we mean to go on - by starting work on our first production of the year. This is a one-act play, written by our very own Jo West and is a black comedy called 'The Little World of Big Don Carlos".


"When Don Carlos has his house painted orange and then refuses to pay, little does he know that the colour orange will be imbued with such sinister significance in the future. Having cheated and bullied his way through life under the protection of his two "heavies", Pepe and Peppino, Don Carlos the money lender and taverna owner is a very big fish in a small Italian village and believes that noone and nothing can stand in his way.

However, when a mysterious stranger arrives in the village, Don Carlos begins to realise that the villagers are not quite as downtrodden as he had supposed and that his own position may soon become untenable."

'The Big World of Little Don Carlos' is a black comedy exploring the premise of "doing as you would be done by" and Don Carlos ultimately may be forced to face the consequences of his wicked and corrupt life.

Keep checking the next production section soon for details of performance dates!