How You Can Help

Annual Costs

You can get involved at all levels, perhaps by helping us meet the costs below. If you are more interested in becoming a Patron, then please Click HERE

The hire of rehearsal fees and set storage at a total cost of 3,000 is met with membership fees and subscriptions. However, there are other production costs that aren't covered by membership subscriptions:

Breakdown of an average performance
  • Hire of venue for 3 nights: 1200
  • Van hire (set up and break down): 100
  • Diesel: 40
  • Set build: 200
  • Costume hire/purchase if needed: 200
  • Design and print of 200 colour Posters and 600 leaflets: 400
  • Postage to community groups: (100 x 30p): 30
  • Advertising: 100
  • Envelopes, photocopying, sundries: 50
  • Licence fees on average: 150
  • Entry fees to competition when appropriate: 30
     Total: 2500

With 3-4 productions per year, our average costs can reach 7,500- 10,000

We would love to hear from you. To get in touch with us about how you can get involved:

Tel: 029 2040 7866